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About us

We offer outsource production - design and development services for major web-studios, startups and IT-companies. We are recommended by leading Russian companies and professionals. We are in top 20 Russian outsource productions according to Tagline and are highly rated by Ruward and others.

Who we are

  • 7 years we work
    with studios
  • 100+ employees
  • 28$ minimal cost
    per hour*
  • 250+ successfully completed projects
  • we work under

* - Enhanced information on our rates here.

Our expetise

  • PHP (Yii, Laravel, Symfony) PHP (Yii, Laravel, Symfony)

    Complex architecture projects is our basic tool

  • Python (Django, Flask, Falcon) Python (Django, Flask, Falcon)

    Creation of SOA, highload applications and web services

  • Golang Golang

    Design of micro-service architecture based on Go programming language

  • JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue) JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue)

    Design and support of web-interface on REST API,XML/JSON

  • Node.js Node.js

    Service application design with mongodb, mongoose, nginx, s3, rabbitMQ, memcached, express.

  • Mobile applications design Mobile applications design

    Development and support of applications for android и iphone. React Native, Objective-C, Java.

Why work with us

  • Cost-efficient


    Well – organised business model allows us to offer professional software engineers with no extra charge. We do not simply provide our customers with developers – we excercise control over their work and explore it thus being able to guarantee high quality.

  • High performance

    High performance

    All our developers work in compliance with specifications and guides. They retain records while developing so they have single code pattern (including commentaries) that can be made available to another design team.

  • Transparency


    You pay only for hours worked – the info is available in our BugTracker. In every accomplished task you can reveal the code and commit’s story to be sure the job is estimated accurately. You receive a weekly report on the job already done. We maintain changelog and project plan.

  • Always in touch

    Always in touch

    You can contact both the team lead and any developer. Our software craftsmen are available during business hours.

We can provide

They work with us

Every third of the top 30 digital agencies already work with us as well as banks, startups, e-commerce and other directs clients looking for cutting costs and reducing the time.


  • Andrey Ryzhkin

    Andrey Ryzhkin AGIMA

    We are friends with Ylab for nearly three years. They are really cool guys creating high quality code. We have accomplished over 10 most complicated projects together. Ylab is a premium team and we can entrust them most complex projects. We have profound expertise for Java Spring, Java EE и Angular.JS from them. We cooperate for two years. They are real profs - they know how to squeeze the most out of php. One of the best outsource companies for Yii projects with reasonable prices.

  • Nikolay Bobrov

    Nikolay Bobrov Notamedia

    We working with them for two years. Pros who know how to squeeze max from php. One of the best outsource companies for Yii projects. Well, the prices are quite adequate.

  • Oleg Prokofiev

    Oleg Prokofiev King Bird

    Transparency. Transparency is of high value for us. We feel comfortable buying not the work done or a project, but a software craftsman for performing specific tasks and pay for specific results.


  • What technologies and solutions are applied for programming?

    We use Scrum methods and 2 weeks sprints with Continuous Integration (JENKINS, YDEV). We have QA department (unit-, functional-, load - and manual testing) and a storage for box solutions based on over 200 projects (you can explore some here)

  • How do you manage the developers?

    Every developer has his lead even if he’s an outstaff employee. He reviews the code, controls availability and helps in finding optimal solutions to complicated problems. We also have leads for each focus area. Their competences include quality control, teams experience exchange and implementation of advanced solutions and technologies.

  • How is the accomplished work controlled?

    We have worked out a corporate reporting and analytics system which congregates time and other data from all trackers and generates user friendly reports. Automated reports and notifications are sent by e-mail, Telegram and Slack.

  • Do you work on a per-project basis?

    Yes, we do, but the rates are higher than for Time&Material. We usually offer another option – TM with a сeiling, it allows you to plan out your budget and save money.

  • What is the principal difference between work with a “сeiling” and per-project work?

    It’s all about the price. We do not include any risks and thus the surcharge is rather low, around 30%. You pay only for the time actually consumed. Payment is effected at the end of each month and not on a phased basis. All these allows us to be more flexible (Scrum).

  • What are the benefits working with Scrum?

    The work starts more expedite and you receive operational features earlier. It allows you to make amendments to software in the process of its development and work with no technical assignment. And above all the price is much lower.