About us

We offer outsourcing, subcontracting services using technologies like PHP, JavaScript, Java, Python, etc for large web studios, agencies and IT companies. We are recommended by leading companies and specialists of Russia. We are in the top 20 of outsourcing production in Russia according to Tagline. Included in the list of the leading outsourcing agencies in Ruward.

Facts about us

  • 5 years working
    with the studios
  • 50 employees
  • 25$ in a hour*
  • 200+ successfully completed projects
  • work under

* - More exact information on prices can be found here.

Our competences

  • PHP (Yii, Laravel)

    Development projects with complex architecture. It is our main tool

  • Python (Django, Flask, Falcon)

    Development of SOA, high-load applications and web-services. Working with REST, AMQP, and OAuth2

  • Golang

    Developing server and Big Data applications

  • JavaScript (React, Angular)

    Single page development and support on REST API, XML / JSON

  • Node.js

    Server applications development with mongodb, mongoose, nginx, s3, rabbitMQ, memcached, express

  • Разработка мобильных приложений

    Android and IOS application development and support: React Native, Objective-C, Java

Why work with us

  • Profitable

    We have organized the work so that we can offer experienced developers at the highest level without unnecessary extra charges. We not only provide developers, we conduct continuous monitoring and Analytics, so we can ensure the quality.

  • High quality

    All our developers work according to specifications and guides. In the development process, do not forget about the maintenance of documentation, as a result, the code is obtained in a unified style (including comments), you can easy transfer it to another group of developers.

  • Work as transparently as possible

    You pay only for the executed hours, seeing in our BugTracker all information. In each completed task, you can view the code and the Commit History and make sure that the task is evaluated correctly. You receive weekly report on the work we’ve done. There is a changelog and a project plan.

  • Always in touch

    You can directly communicate with team lead, and with any developer. Our programmers are in contact full-time.

We can provide

With us already work

Each third digital Agency in the Top 30 is already working with us. Also we work with banks, startups, e-commerce and other direct customers wishing to reduce cost and time.

  • Notamedia
  • King Bird Studio
  • Castcom Digital Agency
  • Beta Digital Production
  • Polygant
  • Competentum
  • Peak Systems
  • MAG Property Development
  • AERO
  • Codename ONE
  • Why Not!? Digital Agency
  • Hyperboloid
  • Jet Style
  • Greensight
  • 65apps
  • Articul Media
  • Intaro
  • Cuberto


  • Andrey Ryzhkin AGIMA

    We are friends with YLab almost 3 years. It's the tough guys who write high-quality code. Implemented with them more than 10 complex projects.
    YLab is a rare team that we can trust the most complex projects. We have a quality expertise in Java Spring, Java EE and Angular.JS.

  • Nikolay Bobrov Notamedia

    We working with them for two years. Pros who know how to squeeze max from php. One of the best outsource companies for Yii projects. Well, the prices are quite adequate.

  • Oleg Prokofiev King Bird

    Transparency. Transparency is as important to us. It is convenient for us to redeem the work/project, as a whole or its employee's hours to specific tasks and to pay for a specific result.

Frequently asked questions

  • What technologies and solutions used in the design?

    We work in Scrum methodology with two week sprints with Continuous Integration (JENKINS, YDEV). Has its own Department of QA (unit, functional, load and manual testing). Own store of ready-made solutions, based on more than 200 projects (some study here).

  • How is the management team?

    Each of our developer has the lead, even if we give it to you in the format outstaff. It makes code review, as controls the availability helps in solving complex problems. As our company is lid each direction, whose tasks include quality control, the exchange of experience between teams and the introduction of the most advanced solutions and technologies.

  • How is the control over the work done?

    We have developed our own reporting and Analytics, which collects time and other data from all trackers and generates reports convenient for your perception. Automated reports and notifications you receive by mail, Telegram and Slack.

  • Do you work project-by-project?

    Yes, but the stakes are higher than at Time&Material. We usually offer another option, but with a ceiling, allowing you to plan a budget and save money.

  • How is the work with the "ceiling" from project-by-project work?

    The main difference in cost. We do not incorporate the risks and it allows us to set a fairly low margin, about 30%. You pay only for the actually spent time. Payment occurs at the end of each month, and not in stages. All this allows to approach to the development of more flexibly (Scrum).

  • What are the benefits of working in Scrum?

    Start of work is much faster and you get a working functionality. It is possible to change the requirements during development and to work without a clear TK. The cost below.